Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Winter 2014 Anime Season Streaming List

Just Like I Did For The Fall Season, I'm Doing A Winter 2014 Anime Season Streaming List, Since There Seems To Be More Streaming Places Available And Such, And Now Companies Are Announcing Dates And Stuff. Also Included On This List Are Continuing Fall Anime Season Titles. If You Learn Of Any Titles That Are Streaming Anywhere In Your Area, Feel Free To Let Me Know. Otherwise, The List Will Be Updated/fixed As January Goes On.


Thursday, December 26, 2013

12 Days of Meditations #2: Why Can't Most People Stand Old Anime?

One of the most challenging things I must handle as an anime fan is when people ask me to recommend them anime. I take recommendations seriously, because I want others to enjoy what they watch-if they get a dud and hate it, I would hold myself liable. My knowledge as an anime fan isn't just for myself; it's also for the service of other anime fans. It's challenging because anime is so vast and wide that one can't just hope to throw out a couple of shows and expect them to be well-received.

So what I do is ask the person to narrow down their preferences. They give out a genre or two, or mention a specific show they like and would like to watch more of.