Friday, July 26, 2013

Life update

1. Focus retreat - SO MUCH FUN 10/10 but I don't want to do the activities ever again! Highlight would be staying in the mud for 2 hours which was GOD DAMN FREEZING. I was one of the people who were standing on the rear end of people and I could see almost everyone just shaking to death ahaha.

Another good one was the going over the bridge and I was scared triple time because 1. I'm scared of heights 2. I didn't want to fall in icy water 3. Pretty much no clothes left 4. Kohei fell in already so there is much possibility of me falling 5. The plank so short in width 6. The plank SHAKES NOOOO 7. Justin 2big4me. So yeah the mental pressure was driving me crazy. When we were just about to swap position I thought I felt a time of near eternity holycrap. But I just clung on Justin and it was over in no time. I think I screamed out in happiness afterwards lul.

Real fun part is probably the talk between friends at night. Hopefully nothing will leak out since I bluntly said some random inappropriate stuff ahahaz.

2. UMAT UMAT UMAT UMAT UMAT UMAT UMAT UMAT UMAT UMAT UMAT hard. If I don't get in medicine I'll just do law&business dual degree. Got a funny story. I complained to my mom about how hard Umat is and she said just try your hardest. I made her do one of the drill - fifth in the sequence which is the easiest drill - and was thinking of elaborately rusing her to think it's easy and make her do finding the middle - which is one of the hardest. But then after finishing the fifth in the sequence (the easy one, AND I helped her) She told me that it's ok to fail umat lolololol.

3. I finally gained 10 kilos since starting to go gym. Ofc there is no change in appearance to be seen but yea. I recently moved my focus on to deadlifts and squats and began to have huge meals possible so I guess these helped. But then my worry is that I really should start doing some cardio, Around 40 min walk per day isn't enough. It would probs help in general fitness anyway but... cardio is no fun.

4. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann has arrived in BD awhile now and the encodes are coming out. This is going to be my very first anime series that I'll rewatch.

Do the impossible row row fight da powa
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