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Throughout rock bands of the century all of the cd covers genre is represented with different connotations like historic events on the artwork for example the rock band Led zeppelin did an album cover with a black and white image of the burning Hindenburg airship crashing. The image refers to the origin of the band's name itself as well and referring to the historic event it shows aspects of their genre by the audience seeing catastrophes and the zeppelin blowing up these are commonly related to hard rock or heavy metal. In other rock bands album covers there is bold iconic images such as in the band Pink floyd they have used a triangular prism dispersing light into all the colors of the rainbow this relates to the songs in the album of the "Dark side of the moon" for reasons such as all of the songs from "Breathe" to "Brain damage" show stages in the human life cycle and the problems and issues which occur throughout it, the style of the artwork indicates a hint to the audience of the genre which is progressive rock. The two rock bands cd covers I will be analyzing are one by Iron maiden this is "The number of the beast" album cover and the band called Area 11 with there "All the lights in the sky "album I will show how each of their genre are represented in different ways and how these ways differ from each other's style and meaning behind the artwork covers and the songs titles. For example "the number of the beast "album is represented as to show the idea of hell from an inspiration of a 1960's comic book this was of a villain dangling someone on some strings like a puppet as replicated in the artwork it is of Eddie controlling Satan like a puppet while Satan is also controlling a smaller Eddie this design highlights some meaning of evil in a chain of Eddie and Satan controlling each other and this concept is relative to its genre being hard rock as they tend to show images similar to this. When looking at the Area 11 "all the lights in the sky" artwork however this was designed based on a popular anime called 'Tengen toppa gurren lagann' this is noticeable at the start of the opening song where the scene in very familiar to the artwork of the album this is presented to the audience and from this they may get the meanings that all of their songs are about popular anime's. In the art work it shows a girl anime styled facing towards the sky into space from the planet this character and the place she is standing upon is darken this may be a technique to make it stand out above all the co lours on the artwork. Some connotations that prove its genres being a hybrid is the fact it is futurist, set in space and the colors are very vivid this hints the genre of electronic rock lastly the connotations to hint it being gaijin rock are the focus that the artwork is set in a scene from a anime which is part of Japanese culture also the character on the front is a Japanese styled anime character again referring to Japanese culture.
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