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Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Hm, I thought I published this on the weekends but apparantly I saved it as a draft. I might have had something more to write about but then it's already damn long and I can't think of anything that I was going to add. I would have remembered it if it were important anyway; so here goes:


Because mecha is cool, that's why.

Justified antagonists.

Man, when I started rewatching this show, I was hyped for its glory but little part of me was telling me that I wouldn't enjoy it as much as I did upon my first viewing. Reasons being: firstly, it was my second series to finish back then so I was very new, even more so than I am atm; secondly, I liked how ridiculous it got during second half but recently I've been alienated and jarred out by a lot of premises in anime so I was afraid that it might happen to me. TBH the only thing I remember clearly from this anime several years ago is that it's WILLPOWER HELL YEAH and there's a lot of screaming. I.. I was very afraid to find out that my taste back then was crap and that one of my favourite anime is quite terrible...


Those eyes.

One thing that REALLY stood out for me was the... scene composition..?? I think that's the word lol. Anyway, how the characters are arranged foreground and background. Scene layout might be another word. How the characters are set in the screen and their dynamic postures make many scenes very memorable and charismatic. I have not noticed this at all while watching for the first time, but I was constantly amazed at how polished most of the scenes were. Even the little things like constantly changing eye catches, art style change in title of each eps etc etc.

Oh talking of art style, the decision to draw Lordgenom and Anti Spiral in such a way was a brilliant decision on their part. Also, Simon's change in character design to incorporate the transformation in his character was notable too.

I was abooooout to go full on retard and write a whole analytic essay about the themes and stuff but I'll refrain and just list the themes and evidences.

* Self identification and worth: Simon, first half, more specifically post-Kamina's death.

* Self limitation: justification of all the villains i.e. town village leader, Lorgenom and finally Anti spiral. They all had good justification. Simon himself in first half. Rossiu to an extent in the beginning of second half;

* Which relates to faith in oneself: they take this up to LITERAL level. It was something like: "if our faith in you is what gives you a power, then I'll believe in you with all my heart!!!"

* Consistency and resiliency: DRILL SON, DRILL. human race as a whole. (which relates to evolution and generation)

* Evolution/advancement made through the quality above: Uh, the whole show itself.

* Generation: this one relates quite a bit to both two dot points above; how humans were able to improve by passing on what they achieved. The interesting part and something that I'd want to commend wholeheartedly is that how this is demonstrated throughout the series constantly. Let me take a moment to spoonfeed you:

* Simon's parents' death being primary source of power initially.

* A skull which turns out to be Kamina's dad that happens ensure Kamina's survival.

* Lagann happens to be the inheritance from the generation long gone.

* I forgot the name, but that ocean in the space full of spiral energy from past generations allowed them to transform.

* Most of the mechas were made by ancients so that the more could be done as the generation passes.

* Naivety of public: the BOOK from Rossiu's town TOP LEL. The public's response to media at the start of second half.

* Duality of advancing forward: Spiral Nemesis.

* Solution: eh, this one is quite open ended. As illustrated by Nia's death it can be said that using the power at right place will ensure the continuation of humans however I'm more inclined to think that it's claiming that the right person to stop it will appear - which relates to the theme of self worth - while Simoun was a mere "digger" to do his job. It shows that everyone in the society has their place.

Why is it raining?

OM MY GOD WHY DID I WRITE SO MUCH-,- Spoilered for my embarrassment of my retardation but I don't want to delete my effort in vain.

Anyway, the whole series quite reminded me of this specific quote, but I don't remember it word by word. It was something on the line of:

Since I wasn't able to do it yesterday, I work today so that I can make it tomorrow.

But you know what, you don't necessarily have to catch all these themes to enjoy this show, it really doesn't matter. BECAUSE IT'S JUST SO MUCH FUN WITHOUT ALL THESE THEMES ALREADY.

Sigh I'll just wrap it up with tl;dr because I'm gonna be writing another page of this if I go on like this


* Good

* Art decisions

* Overall pacing

* Plot

* Poweful, well choreographed action/ fluid animation/ direction


* Scene layouts

* Dialogue

* Bad

* Nia becoming more of a plot device than a character.

* Pace/script quality around ep11 to 14 with QUALITY moments.

Amazing OP song and the second ED song, meh first ED.

10/10 If I were allowed to call only one thing "epic" in my life that I've experienced so far, this one takes it - not that I've lived that long lol.
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